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Lease / Option Financing For 

Assisted Living Facilities & Group Homes

Financing Is Usually The Biggest
Hurdle For A Buyer

Why you should consider 
A BETTER WAY Lease/Option Program

  • Less money down than obtaining a bank loan to buy.
  • Our programs serve as a bridge to ownership.
  • Utilizing our program will bolster securing a future bank loan.
  • You’ll gain experience as the person in charge.
  • Improve the operation & have “sweat” equity to show the bank.
  • Fix the price in the future TODAY!
  • Flexible time to exercise your option to buy; 3 to 5 years.
  • Need capital to EXPAND? Our program can work for you.

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BUYERS - for current owner/operators, you can free up equity in currently owned properties to purchase more homes.


SELLERS - Our program gives you an advantage over all other sellers with our special lease/option financing.

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